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June 9, 2007

Things WILL get better!

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Well, yesterday I completely got my @ss kicked by the physics midterm, but I can’t blame anyone but myself for it. Lately, my attention and motivation in school has been waning, and as a result, I ended up cramming the night before. Correction: I convinced myself that I was cramming, but really I fell asleep on my notes. Not the best study method eh? Especially not when one is supposed to make her GPA skyrocket so that she can be accepted into med school (and right now, that is a near impossible feat!).

Normally, I would beat myself up after such a devastating failure, however, I don’t have the time to do so. I have two midterms back to back on Monday, and I need to be completely focussed in order to prevent “Friday” from happening again. Seriously, I need to step up my game. From this moment onwards, I’m going to rock school (i.e. I will try much, much, MUCH harder).

Wish me luck 😀

 In other news, exercise has been on a hiatus, as I have been [pretending to] study. During my half-hour break at work on Thursday, I decided to exercise a bit, instead of vegging out in front of our t.v. set. It’s amazing how much one can complete in just 1/2 an hour. I knew that in order raise my heart rate in such a short amount of time, I couldn’t be lazy, so I did lunges, dead bug flies on the bosu, squats on the bosu, crunches, and woodcutters all back to back to back to back! Wowee what a workout, and I felt so good after I was done. The lunges worked so well that my legs are still kind of sore (two days after). Since I am typically short on time whenever I workout, I should concentrate in getting a lot more high intensity stuff in the short period of time. <— *that was a bad sentence haha*

Anyways, must go study!

Ciao 😉


June 6, 2007


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Ugh! I failed!

I almost made it two days without any coffee, and then I crashed. As soon as I got home from school, I helped myself to two generous servings of the magical bean drink (coffffeeeeeee!). As the first drop of coffee hit my tongue, there was a party in my mouth (I swear my tastebuds had a conga line going on!). The deep, numbing headache subsided and my mood was instantly uplifted….damn this is some powerful stuff!

 So what exactly led to this breakdown?


Yes, I go to a university where there is a coffee shop/kiosk virtually everywhere. The warm aroma is inescapable. Everywhere I looked, I saw people drinking coffee, buying coffee, and talking about coffee. I could even smell coffee in my organic chem lab (I think that one was psychologically induced)! It was a very, VERY difficult day. I could barely take notes during my first class, and almost fell asleep 4 times in my second…definitely not what I was looking for when I decided to cut out the java.

I still want to cut down on coffee, but quitting cold turkey has proven far too difficult for my little soul. Although doing it gradually may take longer, I think it will be easier to maintain over a longer period of time (as opposed to almost 2 days). I still want to reap the benefit of tea, so I think I’ll replace one (or two, or three) of my daily coffees with tea. I know that green and white teas are generally the best, but I am really loving the loose leaf vanilla rooibos that is served at the coffee shop at our campus.

Attempt #2 may have failed, but I am not going to give up on this one just yet!

Till next time………

June 5, 2007

Coffee-free for a day!

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Today, I quit drinking coffee.

For those of you who know me quite well, that statement is astounding! Ever since I began going to university (3 years ago), I have been known to hold a huge bag (Lululemon of course) in one hand and a giant cup of coffee in another. Coffee and I are inseparable.

Well, we were, until today.

Last night, I was a bit bored with studying, so I began looking at a couple posts on Wisebread and found an interesting article about quitting coffee. As a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur, I have read many, many, MANY articles about coffee (and more often than not, the benefits of drinking coffee), however, for some reason, that particular article struck a chord. I could identify with the author’s dependence on coffee, and to tell you the truth, it scared me. Not only that, lately I have noticed my heart racing at odd times of the day, excessively sweaty palms (ew), the inability to focus during the day without any coffee, and just being plain exhausted after a full night’s sleep. In addition to that, I realized today that I have been drinking more coffee than water and milk combined!  

Desperate for change, I googled “how to quit coffee”, and found dozens of quizzes and tips on how to ween one’s self off the bean. The fact that I had ALL the symptoms of a coffee addict further motivated me to put an end to the Joe. So that’s what I did today.

It has been a horrible experience and I’ve been suffering from a throbbing headache all day. I did allow myself one cup of tea, but I continue to fantasize about coffee and its warm, flavorful aroma. I haven’t decided if I want to stop drinking caffeine altogether, or if it’s just the coffee that I’m eschewing. I think I will stick to tea for the next little while, but in the meantime, I’ll read up on some pros vs. cons of green/black tea.

I’ll keep updating on my progress, but I gotta run right now (time to study physics!).

Wish me luck on this new endeavour.


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