Dance, Life, and Lunges

About Moi

“You raaaaaang?”

Well it looks like you did….and you want to know more about yours truly…Goodie!

Well in a nutshell I’m a Kinesiology-studying, sole-stamping, weight-training little lady with way too much to say!

This blog was initially meant to be a dance diary, to keep myself motivated to practice Bharata Natyam (BN for short), but then I suddenly plummeted back to reality…”Esha, really now, are you telling me that you are going to write about dance practice EVERY SINGLE DAY?”….Actually, I might, I don’t know yet…I hate having to make a single decision (such as a “theme”…so passe!) and sticking to it…why not write about whatever I feel like it, whenever I feel like it?

Hmm…what else would you like to know? Geographic location perhaps? I am currently pounding out this introduction of myself from my bedroom in Vancouver, B.C.. — Great city, rains way too much — I’m pretty outgoing and friendly, I love love LOVE dancing, I pretend to know how to speak French (don’t worry, I’ll learn it in it’s entirety soon enough), and coffee is like air to me (no I’m NOT addicted).

Er..umm…well…I am finding it tres difficult to describe myself in this little box and so I am going to stop right here. But don’t worry dear random-reader, you will definitely become more acquainted with me by reading my posts….so hop to it, go back to the most recent post, you monkey!

Happy Reading 😀




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