Dance, Life, and Lunges

June 2, 2007


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Well I went ahead and changed the name of my blog. I’m not entirely sure if I like it, but it will do for now. I’m really liking the lighter colours for the theme…the one I had before was a just a tad too dark for my likings. But anyways, lets see how this one rolls.

 While browsing Lisa Sabin’s blog, I discovered a new blogger site (I’m not sure if thats what they call it) for “fitness folk” (haha that sounds so corny, they didn’t say it, I did :P). It’s pretty cool, and I’ll be using it as a training log. Two weeks ago, I contemplated keeping a workout log, to record my workouts and chart any progress. Theoretically, it was an excellent idea, but practically, it was flawed. Considering my lazy nature, I know that I wouldn’t have maintained it after the first week of use. Having a workout log on the internet is going to quite easy to maintain, and trees everywhere will love me :D.

If anyone is interested in seeing what I’ve been doing exercise-wise (although it isn’t very interesting), feel free to take a peek here.

I feel awful, but I haven’t had a decent workout since last Tuesday. I got really busy with school and work, and so trying to find time was a little impossible. Honestly, I probably could have fit it in, but the heat really got to me, and I was feeling more tired than usual. Tomorrow I’ll workout after my shift for sure, I just have to remember to eat lunch during the day to ensure adequate energy for exercise.

Anyways, this is turning into a really boring post, so I should end here before I start rambling on (to a greater extent than I have already). Got loads of chem and physics to do..not looking forward to it.


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